Trump.Dating Formally Invites Donald Trump Jr. To Join Official “America First” Love-Pairing Site

It was made known recently that President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., is currently being divorced by his wife of 12 years.

First, the team at Trump.Dating wishes to extended our deepest condolences to the Trump family as they embark on this tough journey ahead.

Second, Trump.Dating wishes to relay the following message to Donald Trump Jr.:

While the echo-chambers of the left celebrate this setback in your life, Trump.Dating wants to lend you a helping hand. On our site, you’ll be able to find a woman who’s genuine, down-toearth, and shares a great deal of your political convictions and social interests.

In addition, it’s also worth stating the obvious — radical leftists and anti-Trump individuals aren’t allowed on our site. We’ve built a virtual wall and only those in alignment with the President’s “America First” ideals are welcome. That alone should make your time on our site all the more productive.

Don Jr., we hope this new chapter in your life will go off without a hitch — and Trump.Dating is here to help do just that.

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